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Our tea journey

We started our Tea Journey out of a deep curiosity for authentic Chinese culture and the certainty that Chinese Tea and its rituals had to be worth exploring.


It has been 6 years now since we started our journey studying Chinese Tea and it has been a very rewarding experience.

We are lucky to live in China, where we had the opportunity to follow in depth professional courses delivered by different institutions and tea masters, and proudly received official certificates for our proficiency in Chinese tea ceremony and Chinese Tea Tasting. Regularly, we are invited to act as hosts and to participate in tea ceremony events or tea tasting activities, both private and official.

Every year we attend tea fairs across the country and visit tea plantations, where we learn not only the process but also the hardships of making a good product.

Our Learning process has never stopped – we are happy to keep it going because the more we learn, the deeper we feel we need to dig.

Our Tea Journey has now brought us much deeper than we initially imagined… but that is why it is so exciting and inspiring for us. We hope that by sharing it with you, we can also inspire you to start your own Journey of discovery of Chinese Tea!

Our Tea Values

We decided on six fundamental values that are the foundation of Sinellia Tea.


We only recommend and sell the teas that we personally enjoy drinking.


We believe in sharing our passion with everyone, looking to inspire others to fall in love with tea.


We strive to offer a fair price for each of our teas and bring you teas produced responsibly.


We care about the amazing people who share the same passion and respect for tea as we do and who perpetuate the traditions of tea making.


We truly enjoy discovering, perfecting and exploring everything tea has to offer.


Remaining humble and sharing with other tea lovers is the key to walk the way of tea.