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Our Tea Activities

We started our Tea Journey out of a deep curiosity for authentic Chinese culture and the certainty that Chinese Tea and its rituals had to be worth exploring.

Tea Workshops


Interactive sessions were we introduce fundamental knowledge about Chinese Tea in a fun and engaging way.

In each session, participants learn about Chinese Tea History, How to recognize the different categories, how it is produced…

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Private Tea Courses

For those of you who want to have a one on one experience, in a relaxed atmosphere with contents adapted to your interests.

Perfect for group of friends, family gatherings or colleagues.

Contents can be adapted to the level and interests of participants.

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Private Tea

Private Tea Ceremonies

A moment to relax and enjoy high quality Chinese Tea served in a traditional way.

Great for professional events or to gather with friends around a cup of Chinese Tea.

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Discover Tea
in Guangzhou City

Discover Tea in gz

If you are in Guangzhou city and would like to try or buy delicious Chinese Tea, please drop us a line, we will be happy to meet you and let you try some of our teas.

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