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Sinellia Tea

Brewing Tea ‘Grandpa Style’

If you’ve ever visited China or lived here, you may have noticed that many people – especially older locals – enjoy drinking their tea from a cup or a thermos, leaving it to brew all day and occasionally topping it up with boiling water. Taxi drivers, repairmen, small shop owners all share this love for.

The Three Seasons of Summer 三伏 / Sān Fú

Tea Pairing During San Fu   In China there are three seasons known as 三伏 (sān fú) which occur during the summertime. According to Ancient Chinese texts, sān fú is the hottest period of the year and is divided between its beginning 初伏 (Chu Fu), its middle 中伏 (Zhong Fu), and its end 末伏 (Mo.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony The Tea Ceremony is what first comes to mind when a Westerner thinks of Chinese Tea, and this image depicts an elegant and minimalist setting, a meditative figure pouring tea to the sound of some beautiful Asian stringed instrument, and on the table, many utensils whose functions are as mysterious as their.